Hovius on Family Law: Cases, Notes and Materials, 9th Edition

ISBN/ISSN/No. de produit : 978-0-7798-8098-0
Type de produit : Book
Nombre de pages : 1020 pages
Nombre de volumes : 1 volume bound
Reliure : softcover
Date de publication : 2017-12-29
Éditeur : Carswell
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The 9th Edition of this work is a comprehensive, well-thought out collection of cases, commentary, digests, notes and questions dealing with the key areas of family law. It is intended as the fundamental text for introductory courses in family law, but, as with previous editions, it is also a useful initial research source for practitioners. This book provides up-to-date coverage of the main building blocks of every family law course, including the law of property for both married and unmarried cohabitants, spousal support, child support, custody and access, and domestic agreements. It has coverage of emerging aspects of family law as well, such as evolving concepts of parentage, judicial interviews in custody and access cases, the impact of domestic violence on family law outcomes, and statistical trends that affect major family law areas.


What’s New:


This new edition features updates to case law and commentary throughout the text, including comprehensive revision of the following chapters:


  • Chapter 4 – Divorce – New cases include Cheng v. Liu (2017, ONCA) and Plech v. Barwicz (2016, ONSC)
  • Chapter 5 – Family Property – New cases include Reiter v. Hollub (2017, ONCA) and Hunks v. Hunks (2017, ONCA)
  • Chapter 7 – Spousal Support – New cases include Schulstad v. Schulstad (2017, ONCA) and Mason v. Mason (2016, ONCA)
  • Chapter 8 – The Law of Parentage – New cases include P.P. v. D.D. (2017, ONCA) and M.M.R. v. J.M. (2017, ONSC)
  • Chapter 10 – Child Support – New cases include G. v. G. (2017, ONCA) and L. v. M. (2016, ONCA)

À propos de l'auteur

Berend Hovius is a Professor of Law at Western University and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. During his over 35 years at Western Law, he has taught various courses in the family law area as well as Constitutional Law and has written many articles on the major aspects of family law. He is also the co-author of The Law of Family Property, Carswell, 1991. Professor Hovius frequently presents papers at continuing legal education seminars and conferences for family law practitioners.
Mary-Jo Maur is an Assistant Professor (part-time) at Queen's University, where she teaches Civil Procedure, Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. She has practiced family law full-time in Kingston, Ontario for over 25 years. Professor Maur writes frequently on the issues of child and spousal support, and on such practical aspects of family law as costs, and the wrongful abduction of children across international boundaries. She is a frequent speaker at family law continuing education seminars.

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