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Find family law cases from all Canadian jurisdictions, including the Reports of Family Law, plus an archive of unreported decisions. Get invaluable insight and analysis from the industry's top experts: Jay McLeod, Jim MacDonald, Marvin Bernstein and others.
  • Full Text Family Case Law: Decisions published in Carswell Law Reports; Reported court decisions from 1977; Reported tribunal decisions from 1997; Unreported court decisions from 1986; Supreme Court of Canada and Privy Council decisions from 1876; Federal Court decisions reported in the Federal Court Reports from 1971, Exchequer Court decisions through 1970, and Federal Trial Reports from 1977; Québec decisions of national importance as well as Québec Court of Appeal decisions from 1986
  • Annotations: MacDonald & Wilton, Child Support Guidelines Law and Practice
  • EXCLUSIVE Authored Texts: Bernstein, Bernstein, Kirwin, Child Protection Law in Canada; MacDonald, Canadian Divorce Law and Practice; MacDonald, Law and Practice Under the Family Law Act of Ontario; McLeod, Child Custody Law and Practice; McLeod and Mamo, Annual Review of Family Law (1996 to present); McLeod and Mamo, Matrimonial Property Law in Canada; Stark and MacLise, Domestic Contracts; Wilton and Miyauchi, Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements; Canadian Family Law Quarterly (Editor-in-Chief Jay McLeod)
  • EXCLUSIVE The Canadian Abridgment: Case Digests eliminate sifting through search hit lists to find cases relevant to an issue
  • Abridgment eDigests: current awareness service delivered to WestlawNext® Canada subscribers weekly free of charge in an e-newsletter-like format
  • EXCLUSIVE KeyCite Canada, online citator from WestlawNext® Canada based on The Canadian Abridgment's suite of authoritative citator services: Canadian Case Citations, Canadian Statute Citations and Rules Judicially Considered
  • EXCLUSIVE Weekly Newsletter: Jay McLeod's This Week in Family Law
  • Legislation: Family law legislation from Federal Courts and common law provinces, including rules of court, plus selected sections of the Income Tax Act, Canada Pension Plan and Criminal Code of Canada; Concordance of family law and other legislation and rules
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  • Search-within-a-search functionality enables you to locate information precisely every time
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  • Link from: case law to other Canadian or foreign cases; newsletters to cases, treatises, commentary, legislation and rules; The Canadian Abridgment Case Digests to case law, commentary to cases and legislation and much more. information regarding pricing for WestlawNext® Canada, please contact your Carswell representative or call 1-866-609-5811.