The 2017-2018 Annotated Contraventions Act

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A must-have reference to the 3,000 federal statutory and regulatory offences

A must-have reference to the 3,000 federal statutory and regulatory offences that have been designated as contraventions under the contraventions legislation, this book includes the full text of the Contraventions Act and Regulations, including the short-form descriptions of scheduled offences. The author provides comprehensive annotations, including skillfully prepared commentary, applicable case law and cross-references to related Criminal Code sections. Also includes a systematic examination of companion amendments to federal statutes such as the Canada Evidence Act, Criminal Code and the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


What’s New


Legislative Updates:

  •  Contraventions Regulations amended by SOR/2016-200; SOR/2016-299


Case Law Updates:


 The 2017-2018 Annotated Contraventions Act incorporates recent case law including:

  • York (Regional Municipality) v. Wadood, 2017 ONCA 45 - a police officer is entitled to change the information on the certificate of offence after giving the offence notice to the motorist, but before filing the certificate with the court.
  • R. v. Zarrinkamar, 2016 BCSC 1272 - the late amendment of traffic a violation notice to essentially change the nature of the charge effectively laid a new charge outside of the limitation period and resulted in a flawed procedure.
  • R. v. Madussi, 2016 ONCJ 309 - a Justice of the Peace cannot take judicial notice of the operation of a traffic light, namely, that if the light on one street is green, the light on the crossing street will be red, as this does not allow for instances such as mechanical failure or blown out bulbs.
  • Thunder Bay (City) v. Matzov, 2016 ONSC 4557 - the Justice of the Peace was incorrect in quashing the certificates of offence as the location of the alleged offences, indicating the highway number and the district, sufficiently identified the location of the alleged offences. The accused could be left in no doubt as to the place of the alleged offences as the certificates were served at the roadside where the alleged offences occurred.
  • Bessette v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2016 BCSC 2416 - the defendant’s application in Provincial Court for an order that his trial be conducted in French was dismissed. Judicial economy strongly favoured the adjudication of the language issue or issues following an ordinary appeal and not by way of judicial review of the ruling from the court below.

About the Author

Mr. Justice Rick Libman, Ph.D., was appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice in November, 1996. He is Chair of the Rule Committee of the Ontario Court of Justice. Justice Libman is the Associate Editor of Motor Vehicle Reports and co-author of Annotated Ontario Provincial Offences Act, Handling Provincial Offence Cases in Ontario, the Annotated Contraventions Act and the regulatory offences newsletter RegQuest.