Conduct of a Trust Action 2011
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Conduct of a Trust Action 2011 fills the gap for a "how to" book in trust law making the body of case law and the statutory code useful to the general practitioner, while focusing on the practical aspects of the remedy itself. This publication complements Carswell's annual practice series in this area, Conduct of a Lien Action and The Annotated Ontario Construction Lien Act. The focus is on Ontario law and practice, however, reference to other statutory schemes and case law is included where necessary. An accompanying CD-ROM contains the full text with links to the case law decisions discussed by the author.
About the Author
Duncan W. Glaholt, FCIArb, is the founder and partner of the nationally recognized construction law firm of Glaholt LLP. The firm is consistently rated one of the province's most highly recommended construction law practices. In addition to an extensive advocacy practice, Mr. Glaholt is a qualified and experienced arbitrator and mediator of construction and related disputes across Canada. He is certified as a Specialist in Construction Law in Ontario and is the author of Conduct of a Trust Action 2011, Conduct of a Lien Action, co-author of The Annotated Ontario Construction Lien Act, co-author of Construction, Builders' and Mechanics' Liens in Canada (7th Edition), all published by Carswell. He is also a contributing author to Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Canadian Precedents of Pleadings. Mr. Glaholt is Founding Fellow and Past President of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers and is past editor of the College's annual Journal. Mr. Glaholt is a frequent writer and speaker on construction law topics generally. Mr. Glaholt is past chair of the William Osler Health System, and runs a small farm north of Toronto when he gets a chance.
Book + CD-ROM
Approximately 260 pages
1 volume bound
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