Employment Law Manual: Wrongful Dismissal, Human Rights and Employment Standards

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A straightforward treatment of Ontario employment law for the hands-on employment professional and lawyer alike.In addition to an extensive treatment of wrongful dismissal, this work features an examination of discriminatory practices under the Ontario Human Rights Code and offences under the Employment Standards Act, 2000. A section offering practical advice on hiring and firing is supplemented by a collection of helpful precedents, featuring forms of employment contracts, warning letters, termination letters, and more.Carswell eReference Library™ is a virtual library that allows subscribers to access print looseleaf products whose contents have been made available in an online format. Subscribe to any eReference looseleaf and you get online access for an unlimited number of users at the same location. It's like getting unlimited copies for the price of one.In addition to being cost-effective, every eReference looseleaf offers the convenience of seamlessly integrated updates and the efficiency of searching and tracking features. Each title is available in two subscription options – print with online access or online access only.For more information visit www.carswell.com/ereference

About the Author

The Honourable Mr. Justice John R. Sproat is a Justice of the Ontario Superior Court and a former partner at Miller, Thomson LLP in Toronto. He has also been a frequent lecturer at numerous conferences and continuing education programs presented by such organizations as the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Institute. While in private practice, he was actively involved, not only in employment related litigation, but also in advising employers on preventative practices, policies and procedures that can be implemented to reduce exposure to wrongful dismissal actions and human rights and employment standards complaints. Mr. Justice Sproat is the author of The Employment Law Manual: Wrongful Dismissal, Human Rights and Employment Standards, also published by Carswell.