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Review all case law as reported in the Canadian Bankruptcy Reports and the P.P.S.A.C.s, plus an extensive collection of reported and unreported decisions. Stay up-to-date with court filings from the Insolvency Institute of Canada and bulletins from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Get invaluable insight and analysis from the industry's top legal experts: Houlden and Morawetz, and McLaren.Full Text Case Law: More than 15,000 decisions relating to bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring, and personal property security law from the following sources: All Canadian Bankruptcy Reports and P.P.S.A.C. decisions; Decisions published in Carswell Law Reports; Reported court decisions from 1977; Reported tribunal decisions from 1997; Unreported court decisions from 1986; Supreme Court of Canada and Privy Council decisions from 1876; Federal Court decisions reported in the Federal; Court Reports from 1971, Exchequer Court; decisions through 1970 and Federal Trial Reports from 1977; Québec decisions of national importance as well as Québec Court of Appeal decisions from 1986.
  • EXCLUSIVE The Canadian Abridgment: Case Digests eliminate sifting through search hit lists to find cases relevant to an issue
  • EXCLUSIVE KeyCite Canada: online citator from WestlawNext® Canada is based on The Canadian Abridgment’s suite of authoritative citator services: Canadian Case Citations, Canadian Statute Citations, Rules Judicially Considered
  • Legislation: Approximately 200 pieces of federal and provincial legislation and related regulations in bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring and personal property security law; Table of Concordance of all P.P.S.A. legislation from all provinces
  • EXCLUSIVE Authored Texts: Houlden and Morawetz, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law of Canada; McLaren, Secured Transactions in Personal Property in Canada
  • EXCLUSIVE Weekly Newsletter: Houlden & Morawetz On-Line Weekly Newsletter: includes archives of all weekly newsletters from 1998 forward, enables you to monitor developments from coast to coast in bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring and personal property security law
  • EXCLUSIVE Insolvency Institute of Canada Materials: Selected court filings and articles
  • Materials from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy: Bulletins, Policy Statements, Directives, Insolvency Circulars, Forms, notices and news releases
  • Variety of search methods, including: terms and connectors, natural language or templates customized by document type
  • Search-within-a-search functionality enables you to locate information precisely every time
  • All related information accessible with a click of a mouse from links in the left frame
  • Preview a document in the Link Viewer
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